Thank you for allowing me to introduce you to our company. As our company has grown from a small beginning, we have been blessed to serve hundreds of customers with quality construction all over the state of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Our portfolio has nearly reached 15 million during recent years as we specialized in component building to turnkey completion. We have a rich heritage of building excellent quality construction that comes in on time and within budget.

We have a solid track record extending nearly a decade of expertise and customer satisfaction. Our quality is supported by our repeat business from customers who know firsthand our commitment to quality, sensitivity to budget and schedule. Customers choose and return to ProStar Commercial because of our commitment and quality.

We understand that trust is essential in choosing a commercial builder. Our record is impeccable and we are honored to provide positive and satisfying client relationship; our company takes action on their best interests, in an ethical, and responsible manner.


Expanding Excellent Construction Services to Virginia
License # 2705129237A
Classifcations BLD, CIC, H/H, HIC, and MBC


Eddie Roberts Eddie T. Roberts, President

  • Ten years as a commercial builder
  • Member of the Homebuilders Association LA
  • Served on the St. Tammany and Parish Homebuilder's Correctional Review Board
  • Slidell Business Development Board
  • UPC Boardmember of Slidell Finance Committee

We recognize that a successful international project requires professional skill and expertise, determination to meet the client's needs, and a collective effort to achieve the client's goals.

Our unique approach brings together proven leadership with a successful track record to a TEAM Approach that believes achievement is possible even in challenging situations.

Our Associates are:

Experts in their field, experienced, and dedicated

Professionally accountable and integrious

Committed to hiring the most reputable subcontractors who share our company's common values of honesty, hard work, and diligence.

Experienced business owners with integrity and character